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Merchant Services make your Valley Center Kansas business stand out

You know you need credit card processing capability to remain competitive and deliver the best service to your customers. Why not choose to go with the industry leader that also provides low rates and gives back to the Valley Center community at no extra cost to you?

Take advantage of Century Payments’ expertise and link your merchant account to an industry leader

Century Payments is a leading credit card processing company. For the last two years, it has ranked in Inc. 500’s top 20. Century Payments also partners with, the #1 online gateway, so you and your customers can rest assured that your transactions are safe and secure. With a variety of merchant services, Century Payments offers the perfect solution for your unique business model.

Plus, Century Payments is the only credit card processing company to offer the Every Swipe CountsSM program, which makes a charitable donation for every transaction processed. Your customers will keep coming back to the merchant that gives back.

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How Merchant Services from Century Payments streamline your business

Merchant services from Century Payments will route the information from the swipe through a gateway and initialize an authorization request. In seconds, information is communicated between Century Payments, the customer’s bank and your merchant account, resulting in an authorization approval or decline. Once a payment is approved, it is added to your daily batch and processed at the end of your business day. It’s the simplest way for your customer to deliver payment without having to carry cash or write out a check. Century Payments simplifies a complex process so you can do more business and make more money.

A variety of Merchant Services to suit any business

Whether you need merchant services for a retail establishment or a mobile business, Century Payments has the solution for your small business. Plus, you can order all the necessary equipment straight from Century Payments. Low rates, equipment from the source and service that’s just right for your business model add up to increased opportunities grow your business and savings you will really enjoy.

  • Retail merchant services—keep things moving in your retail establishment with in-store payment processing and get funds deposited in your merchant account sooner.
  • E-commerce solutions—process orders and receive payments to your merchant account in real time using tools that are compatible with shopping carts and accounting/inventory software.
  • Mobile payment processing—when your business is a food truck or other mobile platform or if you just happen to be away from your store, deposit payments in your merchant account using a smartphone or virtual terminal.
  • Mail order/telephone order (MOTO) services—when customers prefer to place orders by phone or mail, you’ll be ready to serve them using a virtual terminal that allows your merchant account to receive credit/debit card and check transactions from anywhere.

Merchant services from Century Payments build your Valley Center business’s good will

In today’s competitive market, even the slightest edge can have a significant impact on your small business. With the Every Swipe CountsSM program, Century Payments makes a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® or ASPCA®. Customers will feel good about doing business with your establishment because for every transaction that Century Payments processes, it makes a donation to one of these nationally recognized charitable organizations. Keep in mind, 80% of Americans said that even during times of economic hardship, they would switch to a brand that supports a good cause.

The best part about Every Swipe CountsSM is that it costs your small business nothing. The donation is made by Century Payments and promotional materials are provided at no extra charge.

Call a consultant today and ask about the $25 donation Century Payments will make just for linking your merchant account to Century Payments’ processing service.